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Because empowerment looks
different on every woman

How we choose to express ourselves echoes in hundreds of different ways. At Project July we embrace the power of a woman’s femininity and strength, reflecting it in clothing that is bold, brave and beautiful.

Judy and Kim share a love of clothing and the transformative power of dressing, that both excites and reveals a little of the wearer’s personality. Their vision is to bring joy and colour to your wardrobe with collections that feature incredible prints and colours, flattering silhouettes and delicate details.

Clothing labels:

Fabienne Chapot is a designer label born and raised in Amsterdam.  Placing high value on artistry and craftsmanship, their designs feature feminine tailoring, rich colour, quirky details and in-house fabric designs that are hand-drawn and painted.

The label inspires women to feel their best so they can perform to the fullest in life.

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